Proceedings 1965 Part 2

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List of Members of the SocietyPage 1
Excursion to the Blea Crag Complex, Langstrath. M. F. Burton5
Excursion to the Explosion Breccia, Cabble Crag. R. E. O. Pearson8
Weekend Camping Excursion to the Southern Uplands of Scotland, R. H. Hewitt, D. C. James and E. H. Shackleton9
The Soiree, and a note on the Weardale Granite12
Film Evening… Drilling for Oil and Gas in the North Sea14
Lecture. “Mines and Mining in the Alston Area”. G. S. Gowing16
The Identification of Minerals by X-Rays. W. D. Smith17
Grow your own crystals. S. H. Gate22
Section at the Base of the Carboniferous at Ghyll Wood, Blindcrake. J. Moon24