Awards and Grants

The Charles Edmonds Prize

Portrait Charles Edmonds

Charles Edmonds M.Sc., F.G.S. 1866-1964

Charles Edmonds was born in Bigrigg and spent all his working life connected with mines and mining in West Cumbria. Through his working experience in the haematite fields he developed a lifelong interest and expertise in limestones.

His knowledge of geology was self taught. Over many years his enthusiasm for the subject and his detailed exploration of the West Cumbrian limestones brought him recognition in geological circles. He was elected to a Fellowship of the Geological Society and to the Geologists’ Association, and in 1929 The Geological Society awarded him The Lyell Fund in recognition of his work. In 1954 the University of Durham presented him with an honorary M.Sc. Degree for his contribution to geological science.

The Award was established by the Society in 1964 to perpetuate the memory of Charles Edmonds. A fund was raised by public subscription and vested in Trustees appointed by the Council of the Society.

The prize is awarded to member candidates who have furthered geological knowledge of the North of England.


Clive Nicholas        1967
Aynsley Shilston    1968
Alan Smith              1971
Edgar Shackleton   1973
Dennis Jackson      1976
Frank Moseley         1979
Peter Allen              1987
Jim Cockersole       1991
Tom Shipp              1993
Mervyn Dodd         1995
Eric Skipsey            1997
Richard Clark          1999
Audrey Brown        2002
David Kelly             2005
Alan Smith              2012

The Angela Marchant Student Bursary Fund

Formulated in 2002 this is designed to assist students who have limited funds with geological fieldwork projects. Preference is given to students at school, college or university with Cumbrian connections. The amounts of funding are small but it was mounted to fulfil part of our role as a Society to support education in earth sciences.