Proceedings Front Covers

(adapted from article by Alan Smith & additional input from B.H.)
In 1962 the society produced it’s proceedings in A4 format. The covers where A4+ screen printed on card. The content was written on a typewriter then printed by hand using a Gestetner machine which used ink waxed sheets. Each printed sheet required one complete manual rotation of the printer drum with copies then being stapled together. That edition cost Two Shllings and Sixpence.

From 1962 to 1965 there where two publications per year. From 1966 to ’67 this reduced to one per year. 1968 began the bi-annual editions and the cost increased to Five Shillings.

1971 the Proceedings took an A5 design with simple colour band.  Volume 4 (1977-78) saw the introduction of the new Society Logo – a representation of the Gastroceras cumbriense.  Proceedings are published on a bi-annual basis, members can read reports on the excursions, visits and lectures from the previous months.

Between 1971 and 2009 the society published five volumes.  Within these are 103 original papers, over 90 of which are on Cumbrian topics.  In addition the Proceedings have recorded 50 summer field excursion seasons in well over 350 individual localities across the wider region.

From 2020, due to increased and unsustainable publication costs, the society returned to the A4 format. This time ring bound with laser printed text and colour images on glossy heavier weight paper. Content still includes many unique research articles and fieldtrip reports.

Below are the content pages of the proceedings currently digitized. Members can login to read proceedings in the Members Area. If you are not a member and would like to purchase an edition, please contact the Website Admin here.