Proceedings 1963 Part 2

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Jonathan Otley5
Discovery and Development of the Old Mines of the Lake District9
Excursion to the Quartz Felsite Dyke of the Eskdale Granite, 16th June11
Excursion to a Glacial Overflow System South of Ennerdale, 14th July14
Camping Weekend in the Caldew Valley, 26th-28th July18
Excursion to the Carrock Fell Gabbro, 28th July19
Excursion to the Furness District od Lancashire, 15th September23
The Iron Ore Sops of Furness28
Granites and Orogeny, Dr. J. R. Harpum30
Investigating Fossil Plants, Dr. D. L. Smith32
Book Review: Portrait of the Lakes, Norman Nicholson34
Book Review: The Chemical Elements in Nature, Dr. F. H. Day35