Causey Pike


Sunday, July 18, 2021    



Leader to be confirmed.

Easy, lower half day or continue for a strenuous full day.

Meet at 10.00 am at Uzzicar, in Newlands by the site of the old Barrow Mine NY 232217.

Participants will have the option of a half day excursion of 2 km of walking and 150 m of ascent or continuing on the full day fairly strenuous trip of 6 km of walking and about 500 m of ascent. If the weather is poor the trip will be half a day at the lower localities which are on good tracks, footpaths and on steep stream sides. The higher localities are on a fell walk of paths, tracks and rocky sections.

The trip has several aims: to show the olistostromic Buttermere Formation and Robinson Member of the Skiddaw Group, the normal siltstone facies of the Skiddaw Group (Kirkstile Slates) and its alteration by hornfelsing, and thrusting of the hornfelsed strata over unaltered rock. We will visit turbidite sequences with good way-up evidence plus inverted and right way-up strata.