Blea Cove


Sunday, August 20, 2023    

Leader Ed McGowan

Risk Assessment 

CGS Risk Assessment Blea Cove 2023

Excursion Document

CGS Blea Cove – Greenside Excursion Document

Meet at 10 am outside the Visitor Centre in the Glenridding Car Park. Parking costs £8.50 for a full day ticket. If the car park is full, there are others at the Patterdale Cricket Grounds, and Patterdale Hotel.
The day will entail a roughly 6 km walk. The route from the carpark to the Greenside Mine is a very easy road track. Following the circuit route over a foot bridge, the route will diverge from the path to observe exposures that crisscross up to a disused slate quarry. This part of the excursion will involve walking over inclined, uneven ground and step over a very small stream. This late into the summer, bracken may need to be trampled. Once the geological discussions have concluded, we shall rejoin the footpath and return to the carpark. Depending on weather/enthusiasm etc the trip will last 4 -6 hours.