Event Reminder – Climate Change Debate/Discussion

Wednesday 12th February

Starts 19:30

Location: Harvey Davies Room, Braithwaite Institute, Braithwaite, CA12 5RY

The purpose of the meeting is to explore the scientific evidence for and against the significance of anthropogenically induced climate change.
After thirty-minute contributions from two speakers there will be time for members of the audience to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.


Ashley Francis
Managing Director, Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd
Ashley is a geophysicist and geostatistician whose 35-year career has encompassed world-wide experience of exploration, development and production geophysics. He has also consulted to the nuclear and engineering sectors on subsurface description and uncertainty.
Ashley will talk about the implausibility and inconsistency of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change science case and strong evidence indicating how natural trends have either been ignored or conflated.

Terry Sloan
Emeritus Professor of Physics, Lancaster University
Terry is a particle physicist with an interest in the science of global warming. He gave an optional course for physics undergraduates on global warming which formed the basis of an online book ‘Introductory climate science: global warming explained’ published in 2016. He has published papers on the possible links between cosmic rays, cloud formation and climate change.
Terry will talk about the physics of the greenhouse gases and why our increased use of fossil fuels will lead to global warming and ultimately a change to the climate.

Given that both speakers have an interest in the role that cosmic ray input might have on   the natural variability of the climate, this subject, even if it is not covered in their talks, is  very likely to be raised during the discussion session.

Event Reminder – From small rockfalls to entire mountainside collapses

Wednesday 8th January

Winter Lecture by Dr Dunning, Newcastle University

Starts 19:30 – Please arrive and be seated before the presentation is due to start.

Location: Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Castle Street, Carlisle CA3 8TP

Dr. Dunning from Newcastle University will talk about rockfalls and their significance in the landscape.   He was monitory the Rock of Tremaine at Castle Rock before its spectacular fall last winter and will include this in his talk which promises to be very interesting.

This is a joint meeting with Carlisle Natural History Society in the very comfortable lecture theatre at Tullie House and everyone is most welcome.

The Devonshire Road (Castle car park) car park next to the Castle closes at 8pm. Parking needs to be around the Tullie House roads or in one of the other car parks that remain open in the evenings e.g. West Walls car park.

Event Reminder – Sedimentary Structures in Sandstones of Whitehaven Harbor



Meet at 6pm in car park between Tesco and the north wall of Whitehaven Harbour NX972186.

Leader Margaret Bennett . We will finish at about 8pm and hope to then extend the occasion for those who want to with a meal at a local pub/restaurant.

Event Reminder – Shap Fell (Hardendale) Limestone Quarry – Past, Present and Future

Meet at NY 590146
(Links to media and advanced reading for the event are at the foot of the page)

Meet at 10.00am at the road corner ‘Castlehouse Scar’ NY 590146.

Take the Crosby Ravensworth Road from Shap village, turn right by the wood & park at the road corner. Please park tidily & consider car sharing if possible. Hi-vis recommended, hard hats not needed.

We will be met by the Tata Steel Operations Manager & Quarry manager.  The quarry visit will be in the morning. We will walk slightly uphill to access the quarry via a gate. Inside the quarry, the ground is rough & steep in places. The area is over 300m & can be exposed. In the afternoon we will walk round the proposed quarry perimeter geology trail. Total walking distance about 3 miles

If you have any problems finding the quarry contact Sylvia on 07876 787 208

Below is some downloadable advanced setting and reading prior to the event.

Sat 17 August 2019 CGS visit to Shapfell quarry


Vol 3 Environmental Statement Chapter2 – Site Setting


Restoration Plan_1.0