CGS: Next event, Nannycatch Gorge

When and where:

20th September. Meet at Kinniside Stone Circle NY 059 139 at 10.30am.

About: 5km walking on open fellside looking at the meltwater channel, Skiddaw Group rocks and minor intrusions of the Nannycatch Gorge. In the afternoon we will look at the Borrowdale Volcanic Rocks and some of the oldest rocks within the Skiddaw Group, including the problematic Latterbarrow Sandstone.

CGS: Next event, geological mapping

When: 10.30am, 13th September

Where: Linewath, north of Mungrisedale. Meet at the minor road junction NY 352 344.

Who: The day will be coordinated by Alan Smith.

The aim of this field work project is to examine, measure and map the details of a puzzling linear topographical feature and record the characteristics of the pebble deposits exposed in a quarry feature on the ridge.

It is likely this will take until mid afternoon, so please bring packed lunch and usual weather protection as this is a very exposed site. Short walk across rough grass. Please bring a GPS, calculator and measuring tapes (long metric ones) if possible. Maps, recording sheets, and other field material will be provided. If the work is completed by lunchtime, there could be the option of a very short walk to look at some nearby features for about an hour afterwards (weather and enthusiasm permitting). We should finish by about 3pm. Easy terrain.

Smardale Nature Reserve Field Trip Report

CGS Field Trip to Smardale Gill Nature Reserve. On Sunday 23rd August 2015

16 enthusiasts enjoyed a sunny day at Smardale Nature Reserve.  The leader, Sylvia Woodhead, explained the complex river capture in the upper Lune and Eden catchments and the group then walked along the old railway line to examine the sandstones, and limestones and comment on Sylvia’s draft guide to the geology which is designed for the layperson.  Flowers and butterflies competed for attention but some helpful comments were made and Sylvia hopes to distribute a second draft of the leaflet shortly.  The limestones proved to be very fossiliferous with a range of corals observed with some colonies apparently in life position.  The Ashfell Limestone was studied in the light of recent research.  A fascinating day.  A visit to Smardale Gill NNR & CWT reserve is strongly recommended.

CGS: Field Trip Follow Up

On the evening of 12th August 2015 a dozen members of the Cumberland Geological Society met to clear and examine the site near Keswick. The structures were measured and recorded and the interpretation that they are volcanic bombs was challenged.  Various other interpretations were suggested but none had universal acceptance within the group.   A hand specimen of the rounded structures was collected and subsequently cut to show the internal structure.  Discussion continues and comments are invited.

Specimen 1

Specimen 1 magnified

Example in situ