Event Reminder: Lake Sediments & flooding, with particular reference to Cumbria, Wednesday 10th November 2021

Wednesday 10th November at 7.30pm on Zoom

Dr Schillereff, Lecturer in Physical Geography, Kings College London

Lake Sediments & flooding, with particular reference to Cumbria

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting ID: 886 6258 1891
Passcode: 4365649

In this talk, Daniel will explore how sediment cores extracted from multiple Cumbrian lakes can shed new light on flood frequency and magnitude over the last 1500 years. Daniel will review the physical processes which enable lakes to record sedimentary signatures of past floods, illustrate the value of these datasets in extending flood histories beyond conventional instrumental data from river gauging stations and outline what these sedimentary flood reconstructions can (and cannot yet) tell us about past, current and future trends in flooding across northwest England.

Event Reminder: Etna, Wednesday 13th October

Wednesday 13th October at 7.30pm on Zoom

Dr. Margaret Hartley,
Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

A Virtual Tour of Mt Etna

Meeting ID: 890 6219 1641
Passcode: 4365649

Mt Etna is Europe’s highest and most active volcano, and magma is constantly grumbling
in its rocky depths. Since February 2021 there has been a series of spectacular eruptions,
from lava fountaining through to paroxysmal explosions generating 10 km-high ash-rich
plumes. In this talk I will take you on a virtual tour of the summit region of Mt Etna, and
explore some of the techniques used by the Etna Volcano Observatory to monitor the
volcano and the hazards it poses to the local population of over a million people.

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Event Update: Embleton Quarry, Tuesday 7th September

This will be the last excursion of our season and is a short evening stroll.

Tuesday 7 September 6.15 pm. Leader Phil Davies

Meet outside The Wheatsheaf CA13 9XP (closed on Tuesdays) NY 173305

Parking near the Wheatsheaf and lane opposite to A66 and Village Hall Car Park.

NB These details are an update of the information in our Newsletter following some unavoidable changes.

This will be a relatively short field trip. The intention is that attendees who would like to can stay on for a sociable meal or a drink at The Embleton Spa at 7.45. If you wish to do so, please notify the Excursion Secretary Peter Sapsford by Saturday 4th September email hidden; JavaScript is required

It is essential that we notify the Embleton Spa our numbers for either a drink or a meal. I have arranged for their well known home-made gourmet burgers menu for us, as we will be arriving just around their busy restaurant time.

Parking is limited in Embleton. Please do not park at the Spa before 7.45, when it is likely to be full anyway. Parking available near the Wheatsheaf (closed on Tuesdays) and down the road past the Spa towards the A66 and the Village Hall car park.

Embleton Quarry, otherwise known as Close Quarry, operated between 1907 and 1950. It is a fairly short walk uphill on a track into the quarry, starting from near the Wheatsheaf.

Although often referred to as a ‘granite’ quarry, the rock is actually a diorite / microdiorite. The contact with the country rock (Kirk Stile Formation) is visible, but unsafe to access. Binoculars could be useful to view the upper areas.

The “salt and pepper” appearance of diorite is produced by white plagioclase contrasting with black hornblende and biotite.

The quarry is a quiet and scenic spot, not particularly well known about, but certainly visited by members of the public. However, as with all quarry visits, hazards include unstable rock faces and drops, so it’s best to treat both with care.

Event Reminder: Embleton Quarry, Tuesday 7th September

This will be the last excursion of our season and is a short evening stroll followed by a drink or a meal.

Meet 6.00 pm at Wheatsheaf car park NY 172 305. Leader Phil Davies. Alternative parking at Embleton Spa Hotel car park, if you intend to go there afterwards, or park down the hill towards the village hall and its car park near the A66 junction.

The quarry, a diorite intrusion in the Kirkstile formation, was worked 1910 – 1950 and is a substantial sight tucked away above Embleton but easily accessible. We will make our way up a track from the Embleton road, spend up to an hour there and then return to the Embleton Spa Hotel or the Wheatsheaf for a meal or a drink.