Members’ Evening will be held by Zoom on Wednesday 9th December at 7.30 pm

We hope the evening will replicate the usual social occasion as much as possible so do feel free to come with (Mervyn’s) ginger cake or similar and appropriate drink.

We will begin with a few notices followed by a presentation by Sylvia Woodhead There will then be a break to enable members to refill their glasses and have some informal chat. The final event of the evening will be a presentation by Chris Wilson. We anticipate finishing by 9pn.

This meeting will be open to members only. Information on how to join will be emailed to members.

Our members evening will be on 9 December 2020 via Zoom, a popular software platform for online meetings and conferences, it is simple to use and you can participate without having to set up any account and from various devices such as lap tops, iPads, tablets, mobile phones.
If you would like to ‘attend’ but find the idea daunting and would like some help or have questions about accessing the meeting please let us know and someone will be in touch. If required we can set up a ‘practise’ meeting for you to iron out any problems before the night.

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