Access to the Society’s Library

The Society library collection is housed in the Public Library, Whitehaven and is open to all members during normal working hours.  Unfortunately the Society’s library is not situated in the public part of the Whitehaven library and due to the Health and Safety Regulations and the Whitehaven Public Library security; access is limited to society members known to Whitehaven counter staff.  If you are not known by the staff please contact the society’s librarian who will arrange a visit and warn the Whitehaven staff of your intentions.  The key can then be collected from the main desk.

A selection of books is also available at all indoor meetings.

Dave Powell,  45 High Street, Workington, CA14 4ET. (01900) 605499


Late in 1965 it was announced that a Society Library had been established, starting with a nucleus of books presented by Tom Eastwood (formerly Geological Survey Geologist in West Cumbria). The collection was organised by Morley Burton, who became the first Society Librarian. At first, the collection was quite modest – considerable runs of a number of journals, 25 bound volumes and 30 miscellaneous pamphlets and maps. A catalogue was produced listing the collection (below).

Library Proceedings CatalogueSince those early days the collection has grown enormously. A permanent space on the upper floors of Whitehaven Public Library continues to provide a home for this valuable facility. Over the years numerous bequests have been received so that today the collection is undoubtedly the most comprehensive geological collection in the County.
By 1967 membership had grown to 265, including many institutional members. Attendance at Lectures and field meetings was strong. The Proceedings in the late 1960’s record not only details of the lecture meetings, film evenings, camping weekends and field excursions but also the advent of speakers coming from outside the Society and the first publication of papers on Cumbrian geology and geomorphology. The Society had established an identity as a regional geological society.


The society endeavours to keep abreast of latest research, technologies, and geological developments relevant to the region and does try to maintain an up to date library, almost entirely reliant on membership funding.  If you have a publication you would like to loan or donate to the society please contact our librarian on the details above.