Event Reminder: Wolves and wildcats: mammalian esponse to abrupt climate change at the end of the last Ice Age

Starting 19:30

On: 13th September

At: Sandgate Room, Penrith Methodist Church, Wordsworth Street, Penrith. CA11 7QY

Prof. Danielle Schreve. “Wolves and wildcats: mammalian response to abrupt climate change at the end of the last Ice Age”

The rapid climatic fluctuations of the Last Glacial-Interglacial transition produced a major re-ordering of the mammalian faunas of northwestern Europe, resulting in groupings of animals that are frequently referred to as ‘disharmonious’, by comparison to their present day ranges. Using new evidence from British cave sequences, the presentation will examine the capacity of mammalian taxa to withstand abrupt climate change at the end of the last Ice Age and will discuss the implications for refugial areas, extinctions and early human occupation.


Professor Schreve’s biographical information

Professor Danielle Schreve (Director of the Centre for Quaternary Research at Royal Holloway University of London) is a vertebrate palaeontologist and specialist in Quaternary mammals. Her research (see http://bit.ly/2kzpHZO) combines biostratigraphy, evolutionary trends, palaeoecology, taphonomy and the interaction of past mammalian communities with early humans.  As a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, former President of the Geologists’ Association and recent Vice-President of the Quaternary Research Association, she is a keen science communicator as well as an active fieldworker, currently leading investigations into a number of important new palaeontological sites in Britain.