Event Reminder – Shap Fell (Hardendale) Limestone Quarry – Past, Present and Future

Meet at NY 590146
(Links to media and advanced reading for the event are at the foot of the page)

Meet at 10.00am at the road corner ‘Castlehouse Scar’ NY 590146. http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=359050&Y=514650&A=Y&Z=115

Take the Crosby Ravensworth Road from Shap village, turn right by the wood & park at the road corner. Please park tidily & consider car sharing if possible. Hi-vis recommended, hard hats not needed.

We will be met by the Tata Steel Operations Manager & Quarry manager.  The quarry visit will be in the morning. We will walk slightly uphill to access the quarry via a gate. Inside the quarry, the ground is rough & steep in places. The area is over 300m & can be exposed. In the afternoon we will walk round the proposed quarry perimeter geology trail. Total walking distance about 3 miles

If you have any problems finding the quarry contact Sylvia on 07876 787 208

Below is some downloadable advanced setting and reading prior to the event.

Sat 17 August 2019 CGS visit to Shapfell quarry


Vol 3 Environmental Statement Chapter2 – Site Setting


Restoration Plan_1.0